Starting at $4,500.00 Real Industry Connections! We specialize in Urban and Chic Design. Corporate, Weddings, and Affairs. Full Service Event Production.


Starting at $3,050.00 Real DJs that won’t play the Chicken Dance! Radio and Club style DJs with NO Gimmicks and we will never dress in a costume!


Starting at $3,200.00 Not your average Wedding DJs No Mic Shouting and no Tuxedos or the YMCA. For the wedding that really wants to party! Not for the laidback!



When we think about the experiences that make up our life stories, many revolve around an ‘event’. Maybe it was a transformational high school dance, a bonding family reunion, an inspiring conference, an epic wedding, or perhaps a life-changing fundraiser. Every memory created at one of these events adds up to the story of our lives. Some might say that puts a lot of pressure on those events to be really amazing.


An event in and of itself is not the story. It’s the many tiny details and logistics and emotions that are carefully thought through and mapped out to create an experience that make an event memorable. The behind the scenes “magic” some might call it. These happen to be the very things that keep us, your ZEN team, waking up excited every morning. These are the things we obsess over and geek out about.

Give us a logistical event challenge and our eyes light up. Really!

We started ZEN out of a desire to bring others a taste of the joy we personally loved to experience. That desire became a mission — create joy and spread purpose, one event at a time.

We have spent the last 35 years shaping, evolving, fine-tuning, and exercising our event management skills to keep fueling that mission. It has become not only our company mission, but our personal missions as well. And those skills aren’t limited to how to create an event day timeline (although we are seriously good at that), they also cover understanding interpersonal relationships, contract management, entertainment, design, technology, wellness, and so much more. Because events are more than tables in a room and timing on a piece of paper. They are intricate puzzles made up of many pieces needing to find the perfect alignment for a beautiful final product.

Our team is a melting pot of highly energetic, motivated and empathetic event fanatics with varying professional and personal backgrounds. Each ZEN MASTER, as we call them, brings a distinct perspective and unique skill set to the table to complete the ZEN Experience.

So, what is The ZEN Experience? It’s personal, it’s strategic, it’s fun, it’s thoughtful…it’s the road trip you’ve always wanted to take with a final destination that gives you an incredible amount of excitement. Everyone’s road trip will look different and we are beyond excited to travel with you on the journey to your memorable event!